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CIMCLEAN® (Cleaners)

CIMCLEAN® products meet the tough requirements of the cleaning industry. CIMCOOL® has developed specialized formulas and many products to meet the needs of the most dificult cleaning environments with the extensive CIMCLEAN® product line.

These specially designed fluids can be used in a wide variety of applications, including cleaning of parts, machines, and floors, as well as other general purpose manufacturing and production cleaning. All CIMCLEAN® products are easy to use, versatile and applicable in washers, spray, dip tanks, or ultrasoni applications and available in mildly alkaline or highly alkaline solutions. This lexibility provides a solution, no matter what the challenge.

Products MSDS Application Severity of Operation Corrosion Control
Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper, Brass, Alloy
CIMCLEAN 30 Machines