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CIMTECH® (Synthetics)

CIMTECH® synthetic products improve both machining and grinding applications without using mineral oil. Through pioneering research and development, as well as extensive testing, CIMTECH® products were designed to provide, clean, low foaming, synthetic metalworking fluids. These qualities translate to significant advantages in machine performance and product quality.

Cimtech MSDS Fluid Severity of Operation GRINDING MACHINING
Ferrous Non-Ferrous Ferrous Non-Ferrous
CIMTECH 3100VLZ Synthetic
CIMTECH 3200VLZ Synthetic
CIMTECH 200 Synthetic    
CIMTECH 310 Synthetic
CIMTECH 320   Synthetic
CIMTECH 410C   Synthetic    
CIMTECH 46C Synthetic Carbide Carbide
CIMTECH 95 XL Synthetic    
CIMTECH 285 Synthetic    
CIMTECH GL2015 Synthetic   Glass   Glass