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Do you have any queries about your coolant or lubrication? Send us an email and we will give you our expert recommendation.

01. My new coolant hardly lasts 6 months (goes off) and this is increasing my operation cost drastically. What should I do?
  You need to change to a more robust coolant. Our solution is VEGO® long life Coolant. However, before dumping your old coolant and filling up with the new coolant, it’s important that you get rid of the bacteria in your machine system first. This is a simple and straightforward affair.

- Add a 2% dose of VEGO® System Cleaner into your old coolant
- Continue using the coolant for 12 to 24 hours before you dump it
- This will clean and sterilize your machine, greatly extending the life of your new coolant.

This is an important part of the process. After that, VEGO® Long Sump Life Coolant, topped up regularly, will give you months, even years of superb system performance!

02. My high pressure machines are also high in foaming.
  This is a very common problem. The first thing to check is that the coolant concentration is not running too high. If that is not the case, you need to change to a coolant which is designed for use in soft water areas. VEGO® has several high quality, extremely low foam coolants. The most suitable range depends on how soft your local water is as well as the speed and filtration system of your machines.

In extreme cases it may be necessary to use VEGO® Anti-Foam Additive, but this can be determined after an onsite check.

03. My operators experience various degrees of skin irritation. Please advise.
  It is always best to protect the skin and lungs from exposure to any cutting fluids. However, VEGO® Soluble Coolants contain less harmful constituents than many competitors’ products. Our range also includes grades that are based on unique chemistry which require NO Hazard Labeling. All of these products offer enhanced operator safety, without compromising on machining performance.
04. We are experiencing leaks of slideway lubricants or hydraulic oil into the coolant. What can be done?
  Remove and minimize the tramps oils, metal chips and fines from the coolant regularly to prevent emulsification and bacteria growth. This prolongs the life of the coolant and enhances health & safety.
05. Sticky deposits accumulate on machine surfaces. Is this normal?
  No, this is abnormal. Sticky deposits are caused by coolants that are based on old technology constituents and this is also one of the main causes of coolant loss by swarf “drag-out”. The solution: change to any of the VEGO® product range.
06. We get rust and staining problems on machined parts and machine surfaces.
  This can be caused by low fluid concentration or lack of corrosion protection in the coolant. VEGO® has various product range that will give high levels of corrosion protection and enhanced surface finish.