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Die Casting and Forging Oil

Product Grade Description
Turbocast series

High performance, water soluble release agent formulated with synthetic polymers, emulsifiers and water soluble additives. They are blended into a high performance release agent designed for aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Provides superior release for small to large intricate casting where temperatures are extremely high. High mixing ratio (depending on application). Is compatible with manual or automatic spray and central systems.

FORGE series

A water dispersed graphite lubricant. It meets the needs of forging industries in difficult mechanical press work and highly automated operations. It can be used on a wide variety of part sizes and configurations. Forge series will form a uniform dry film coating when sprayed on dies at temperatures up to and exceeding 1000°F (538°C).

Excellent lubricating properties, good release properties, uniform wetting of hot dies, high stability (dry, concentrate and diluted), no build-up in die cavity and extended die life. For forging steel and precision steel.

HYROSIS series Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids developed in conjunction with hydraulic equipment builders to meet the needs of moderate pressure applications where fire-resistance properties are critical and where good lubrication and product life are also required.