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Product Grade Description
ALPHA 2000

Super high load, high temperature, high speed, salt water resistance and corrosion resistance Calcium Sulfonate Complex grease. The high thickener composition has inherent anti-wear and anti-rust properties. Its mechanical stability surpasses other premium greases and makes it ideal for use in high load applications.

It has high thermal stability and a high dropping point of 315°c. After cooling to room temperature, it reverts to its original grease structure, unlike some lithium complex, polyurea, calcium and clay greases. It does not harden or “vaporize” at high temperature.

AC Red Tac EP

A premium quality, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, aluminum complex grease that has a smooth and tacky consistency and is red in color. AC Red Tac EP-2 has a high dropping point and gives outstanding performance in high temperature applications.

Special extreme pressure additives provide a high load carrying capacity and anti-wear protection. Excellent water and anti-wear protection. Excellent water resistance provides bearing protection when water wash-out or leaching conditions are encountered.