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Metal Forming Lubricants

Product Grade Description Application Type
PUNCHING OIL Evaporate type design.
Excellent rust protection and with no staining on all metal.
Stamping, blanking and light forming. Solvent
PRESSCUT 100X High lubricity with extreme pressure propertiese, smooth surface finishing, suitable for most metals.
Smooth surface finishing, suitable for most metals. Blanking,stamping, punching, forming, light drawing, folding and embossing. Oil
PRESSCUT 335 Heavy duty mineral oil with special performance additives designed for steel and stainless steel. Forming, deep drawing and pressing. Oil
EDM-S (EMD Oil) A synthetic transparent dielectric fluid formulated from base chemicals so highly refined and purified that additional additives are not necessary. Can be used with all types of filters; including: paper cartridge, diatomaceous earth and edge wafer disposable cartridges. Chemical