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Premier Eastwest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has accumulated vast hard-won experience in providing customized coolant maintenance programs. Hence, these programs are designed with the objective of helping metalworking facilities achieve an optimal coolant operating cost, which ultimately leads to increased bottom-line figures. As a result, this optimal cost is achieved with PEW’s help in education, training and assistance in proper coolant maintenance.


Quality proven products at value for money.


Considerable technical, sales and marketing and logistics experience.

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Excellent customer service and support.


Bespoke Metalworking Fluid and Lubricant solutions for increased productivity and cost savings.

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Service orientated, efficient and customer led approach.

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Specialty products to meet specific customer requirements.

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pioneer in metal working fluids

We are one of the pioneer in metal working fluids industries.

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We can customize to customers application requirement.

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We have experience technical team to support you.

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No matter if it's service, delivery or logistic, we handle it with speed & quality.

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Vego anti rust oil protects our steel finished products from rust and provides a more shining surface particularly on stainless steel items. Am very glad that we found this product.
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Steel Mill
Vego cutting coolant helps a lot in clearing chips out of the way of the cutter. Good lubrication makes chips less likely to adhere and weld on especially in aluminum cutting. It also provide better cooling capability to carry more heat away from the cutting in between work pieces and tools.
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CNC Machines
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