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VEGO® Fully Synthetic Cutting Coolant



GRIND 30 series from VEGO® is a fully synthetic cutting coolant is recommended for machining and grinding of ferrous metals.

Basically it can be used on most ferrous alloys such as cast iron, tool steels and carbon steels. However, it should not be used on magnesium alloys or non-ferrous materials.

As a matter of fact, GRIND 30 is designed for moderate duty machining applications such as milling, drilling and turning. Besides that, it can also be used in light to moderate duty grinding operations such as surface, double disc and roll grinding.

Another key point is that GRIND 30 is especially well suited for applications where foam and ferrous corrosion control are critical in individual machines or central systems.

It is certainly excellent for settling properties in cast iron systems. As a result fines settle readily, keeping the mix clean, which keeps fines from marring the surface of the work-piece and keeps filters from clogging.

Lastly, GRIND 30 is very resistant to bacterial and mold growth.

GRIND 30 Series

  • Excellent lubricity, pleasant working environment, specifically for high speed machining.
  • Application : Turning, milling and grinding.
  • Type : Light Yellow Translucent

Supercol 502

  • Excellent cooling power, and biostable.
  • Works on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Application : For most of the machining works, milling, drilling & turning.
  • Type : Light Yellow Translucent

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