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VEGO® Neat Cutting Oil



Neat cutting oil from VEGO® are multi-purpose, non-staining, sulfochlorinated and high performance cutting oils. Thus making them good for most metals and a wide variety of applications.

Introducing VEGO® TAP SERIES, designed for use when machining tough alloys including stainless steel.

Generally, it can be use for gear treading, deep drawing, cold forming, punching and many other applications.  Above all, it can also be use in applications such as high carbon steel, stainless steel and materials which are difficult to work with.

Basically these products are easily applied and stick firmly to the metal surfaces. However they are easily removed by suitable solvent or cleaning agent after the operation.

VEGO® TAP SERIES cutting oils are specially formulated to deliver the following performance benefits:

  • Pleasant smell
  • Can be used on all metals
  • Chips can be removed fast
  • Light golden colour giving it good visibility
  • Low viscosity allow an exceptionally clean surface finish
  • Low misting provides the operator with a cleaner environment
  • Inactive, chlorinated cutting oils that can be used for many applications
  • Improved cooling properties to quickly remove the heat from the work area
  • Anti-wear and anti-weld properties will enhance tool life and give parts dimensional accuracy
  • Delivers a balanced package of additives to perform exceptionally well under intense applications

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  • Rust Preventive.
  • Application : Metal Protection.
  • Type : Solvent


  • Rust Preventive.
  • Application : Metal Protection.
  • Type : Oil
  • Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • Application : Metal Protection.
  • Type : Water Based

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