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VEGO® Micro-Emulsion Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant


Micro-Emulsion Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant

VEGO® STARCUT series is a micro-emulsion type of semi synthetic cutting coolant which is specially developed for multipurpose precision machining and prolong coolant life. Thus, it has unique chemistry that is free from silicone oil, nitride, nitrites, and active sulfur.

Significantly with the absent of these chemicals allows long sump life. Secondly, it contains new biocide package for good antibacterial performance.

For that reason, it is effectively used in milling, turning, drilling, reaming tapping and grinding for steel or aluminum metals. Given that it’s mainly suitable for light to medium cutting applications such as Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel, most aluminum, Aluminum alloys, Harden Steels, Copper and Alloys.

Above all here are some of the key factors to our Starcut Series :

  • Developed by latest technology of metalworking fluid.
  • Stable micro emulsion metalworking fluid with the performance capabilities of a soluble oil.
  • Physical and chemical lubricants provide good machining and grinding .
  • Bio resistant – Lean make-up keeps the concentration at the recommended dilution, since STARCUT semi synthetic is not easily degraded by bacteria, or depleted by high chip loads.
  • Reduces costs by reducing the amount of concentrate required for makeup.
  • Economical – Cost effective product, for value-added performance.
  • Outstanding rust protection for the work-piece and machine tool.
  • Effective corrosion inhibitor package which prevent stain on aluminum alloys and most copper alloys.
  • Excellent corrosion control on cast iron and also contain rust inhibitors which prevent in process rust on machines and parts.
  • Provides long life and minimizes the use of additives.

STARCUT 500 Series

  • High biostable semi-synthetic.
  • Application : Grinding, tapping and general functional precision machining.
  • Type : Gold translucent colour.

STARCUT 500A Series

  • Good cooling power.
  • Good rust protection.
  • Application : Grinding, tapping and general functional precision machining.
  • Type : Transparent.

STARCUT 800 CF Series

  • Micro emulsion type developed for multi usage.
  • Equally used on both ferrous and non ferrous machining.
  • Application : Metal cutting, drilling, milling, sawing, turning and reaming.
  • Type : Gold translucent colour.

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