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VEGO® Milky Emulsion Water Soluble Cutting Coolant



Milky Emulsion Water Soluble from VEGO® COLCUT series is a water soluble forming milky emulsion cutting coolant formulated for use in pipe mills applications on mild steel and stainless steel. After all it’s not only very reliable but also economical too.

All in all, it does not build or accumulate foam with high-pressure fluid delivery systems. Another good thing about it is that it is non-staining and will not attack bushings, bearings or resistance coils.

Additionally, this engineered lubrication is for controlled drive and reduced slippage while providing reduced roller wear. Also it has advanced formulation that is very resistant to bacterial & fungal attack, resulting in longer sump.

Basically, VEGO® COLCUT is formulated to address health, safety and disposal concerns. Besides that, it has excellent tramp oil rejection, stays cleaner longer, prevents smut buildup and pickup on rollers.

Finally it’s an excellent rust protection on ferrous metals and also protects against corrosion on most other metals.

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KUT 600 Series

  • Heavy Duty milky emulsion type.
  • Generally recommended for all machining works on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Application : Milling, turning, drilling, reaming tapping and grinding.
  • Type : Mineral/Milky.

KUT 300 Series

  • Mineral based cutting coolant for general purpose use on aluminum parts.
  • Application : Cutting, grinding and drilling.
  • Type : Mineral/Milky.

KUT 200 Series

  • Mineral based cutting coolant for general purpose use on ferrous metals.
  • Application : Grinding, drilling and cutting.
  • Type : Mineral/Milky.

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