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Metal Working Fluids

Get the right VEGO® range of products to suit your specific machining needs! Undoubtedly our range of products have undergone stringent tests and provides proven performance when it matters the most.

VEGO® range of products includes :

  1. Milky Emulsion Water Soluble Cutting Coolant
  2. Micro-Emulsion Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant
  3. Fully Synthetic Cutting Coolant
  4. Anti-Rust Oil and Rust Preventive Solvent
  5. Neat Cutting Oil
  6. Hydraulic Oil

As to expand our product range, now we’re carrying products from Cimcool as well. As a matter of fact, they are more than just metalworking fluids. Another key point they as a truly global organization, will benefit you from the experience of an internationally networked sales and service organization.

Vego Oil

For Advisory & Consultation

At PEW we provide FREE advisory & consultation for your business. Our consultants are well trained and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of lubricant.

Our Costumer Say

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Vego anti rust oil protects our steel finished products from rust and provides a more shining surface particularly on stainless steel items. Am very glad that we found this product.
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Steel Mill
Vego cutting coolant helps a lot in clearing chips out of the way of the cutter. Good lubrication makes chips less likely to adhere and weld on especially in aluminum cutting. It also provide better cooling capability to carry more heat away from the cutting in between work pieces and tools.
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CNC Machines
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